StuntRacer™ - RC Stunt Car
StuntRacer™ - RC Stunt Car
StuntRacer™ - RC Stunt Car

StuntRacer™ - RC Stunt Car

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The Perfect Gift To Brighten Up Your Kids' Day & Enjoy Quality Fun Time Together!

Want to give your kids a treat and brighten up their day with the perfect toy? Or your kids love cars & thinking of giving them a cool giftSturdy-built with the toughest material and coolest designs, this stunt car comes with a 360 degree front wheel rotation feature that makes it spin, turn swiftly & complete other amazing cool movements!

It comes with a state-of-art built-in signal receiver that allows for seamless remote control, making it well suited for young children to try out new tricks from all angles. Its compact size & synthetic polymer material makes it the perfect gift choice as it can withstand all of the rigors of rough driving while bringing your kid as much fun as possible.

Let your child perform some amazing rotations, cool flips & test out the high-speed as they engage in what will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting adventures of their childhood. What's even better? Its upright walking feature alongside the firm & sleek exterior makes it well-suited to just about any outdoor driving surface.


Having quality and fun time with your kids together in this shared activity is a priceless experience. This will leave your kids and you with unforgettable fond memories! So what are you waiting for? Get the RC Stunt Car and have a blast!

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Packaging includes:

1x RC Stunt Car

1x Remote Control (batteries not included)